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Oratory of Bellaria Tamba

a jewel for the beautiful events of your life



In 1613 the wrong diversion of the flow of the Santerno river caused the flooding of San Bernardino land, with the following damaging and demolition of its church. In the meantime, for their religious services, the few inhabitants used a small oratory called ‘the Pity’s’ in the area of Bellaria, on the propriety of the Rondinelli noble family. The oratory acted as parish church until 1660.

In 1787 the oratory was rebuilt by the Count Luigi Rondinelli in the place where it is now, at the right of the villa, and was consecrated on the 26th of August of the same year by Mons. Giovanni Rondinelli. In 1945 the entire village was razed to the ground by the mines of the German troups in retreat, sparing Villa Bellaria Tamba, that became the vital centre of the town.

The religious life took place in its small oratory and the villa became the temporary seat of the chemists’ and of the primary school. Even today the parish community of San Bernardino serves some religious services in the small Oratorio of Villa Bellaria Tamba: a small jewel at disposal for celebrating with you the most beautiful events of your life, making them unforgettable.


la location gli eventi l'oratorio le foto i contatti dove siamo
Villa Bellaria Tamba è una Location splendida adatta ad ospitare cerimonie e ricevimenti

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