Villa settecentesca Location Villa Parco Sale Oratorio VILLA BELLARIA TAMBA  il luogo ideale per una cerimonia Oratorio consacrato per suggestive cerimonie religiose
la location gli eventi l'oratorio le foto i contatti dove siamo
foto storica dell'Oratorio Bellaria facciata dell'Oratorio Bellaria matrimoni nella piccola chiesa
interno dell'Oratorio per eventi religiosi l'Oratorio Bellaria per i battesimi Bibbia
altare dell'Oratorio Altare della messa certificato di matrimonio
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Celebrazione di un matrimonio


la location gli eventi l'oratorio le foto i contatti dove siamo
Villa Bellaria Tamba è una Location splendida adatta ad ospitare cerimonie e ricevimenti

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Villa Bellaria Tamba - Exclusive location for events, ceremonies, meeting business - San Bernardino - Lugo di Romagna (Ravenna) © 2007

Villa Bellaria Tamba is not one splendid location in campaign for weddings and ceremonies
In the greens and silent lughesi campaigns, in localita' of Saint Bernardino in province of Ravenna in Emilia Romagna, VILLA BELLARIA TAMBA rises. This location is a settecentesca Villa, was honorable palace for noble the Rondinelli, after for Conti Pasolini and later on summery residence of the Tamba family.
A great reception, a wedding illuminated from torches imagined and candelabri, imagined sontuosi tables prepare to you in a refined hall, of one splendid location ideal for every type of catering.
VILLA BELLARIA TAMBA is the ideal place for a ceremony, wedding or meeting from the refined and elegant taste, where all the particular ones are defined with extreme cure and accuracy. This prestigious nobleman villa of campaign in the heart of the Romagna, thanks to the availability of various knows them, can receive every type of manifestation, ceremonies, weddings, receptions, convetion and meetings business with one capienza of 300 persons. Imagined a secular park of 3500 meters you squared from the mozzafiato panorama, that it gives acclimatizations from indiscusso the gradimento for every event that you will want to organize. Moreover location VILLA BELLARIA TAMBA has a width and works them kitchen to disposition of the caterings, an annexed Oratory consecrated for evocative religious ceremonies with one capienza of approximately 100 persons and of a remarkable parking for beyond 150 automobiles.
In 1787, the religious life was carried out in its small Oratory, to the inside of the villa, instead, found one temporary center the elementary schools and the pharmacy. Still today the parochial community of Saint Bernardino receives some Puttinges in the small ORATORY OF VILLA BELLARIA TAMBA; a small jewel lieto to celebrate and to celebrate with you the beautiful events piu' of your life, being rendered them unforgettable.
Weddings, location in settecentesca villa with secular park, manifestations, events, ceremonies, to organize lunches and suppers with catering, in emilia romagna, to lugo of romagna in province of Ravenna. Splendid location in the campaign inhabitant of Romagna, it accommodates in one villa to you of the seven hundred with possibility to organize ceremonies, weddings, events, meeting business, important festivities. The small but splendid oratory will be able to make from frame your wedding, or to the baptism of the son, or whichever religious ceremony in the secular park of location the villa the catering finds an optimal sistemzione in order to predispose lunches, suppers, banquets buffet, for the organization of your wedding, baptism of the son, ceremony, meeting business, or event in a generalized manner. The location it has large knows them for celebrations to the closed one. It knows they are furnished them with age furnitures and they maintain frescoes to it originates them. In it knows them is possible pranzare or to dance. One knows is used it after kitchen to disposition of the catering. Nella location Villa Bellaria Tamba the agencies of catering can organize weddings, wedding, ceremonies, events, meeting is nel park that on the credit side inside delle lumnose knows them della location. In the heart of the romagna, Villa Bellaria Tamba is one location only in order to celebrate the important events, the ideal crinica for the wedding, the baptism of a son, an important ceremony or meeting in location. Choosing Villa Bellaria Tamba you will give to the hosts of your ceremony an important memory in one location only in the romagna..